Sunday, October 18, 2009

Notable Names of the Telegraph: Oct.12-18

Audrey Camilla Hester
Rose Margaret Jacqueline, a sister for Charlie and Lucinda.
Scarlett Lydia Louise
Eve Nancy
Charlie Robert Kensington
Rufus Alexander Kirkland
Fergus Arthur Albert, a brother for Fenella.
Henrietta Poppy Horton
Rose Viola Romilly
Sophie Emmeline Maclean
Theodore James Le Marchant, a brother for Alexander.
Hugo Ian, a brother for Henry.
Isabella Dorothy
Isabella Fleur
Gabriel William Merlin
Edward Mellors, a brother for Ollie.
Emily Daisy Alice, a sister for Martha.
Astrid Jennifer
Isla Violet
Oliver Edward Purcell
Samuel Oliver Felix, a brother for Daisy.
Emily Grace Fairles
Elodie Rose
The trend of the week is...[drumroll]... Surnames! 
Surnames are the names to have.  Want to present the dear little one with a classicbutquirky family name?  Now is your chance, dollies and erm ... action figurinies!
Also, I do feel horrible for Henrietta Poppy Horton.  She has a truly lovely name, but I can't help but think that she's named after an elephant.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Notable Names of the Irish Times: Oct.10,2009

Nora Elizabeth
Conor Patrick  a brother for Rory.
Siún Margaret
Culann John
Thomas Diarmuid

Interesting names from an American perspective. 

I believe Siún is pronounced (shoon),  it reminds me of the name June--it is very lovely.  Diarmuid is pronounced (DEER-mid) I think and is a name of an Irish hero and also the name of several ancient Irish kings.


Notable Names of the Telegraph: Oct.5-11

Rufus William David  a brother for Herbie.
Charles Douglas Allenby  a brother for Amelia.
Georgina Grace  a sister for Annabel.
Piper Lily  a sister for Molly.
Rosie Grace Louisa  a sister for Thomas and Poppy.
Elise Anthea Mary
Orla Daisy  a sister for Elsa Rosie May.
Hector Alexander Brisbane
Oliver Stanley Rupert  a brother for Amelia.
Annabel Evelyn Mary  a sister for Kitty.
Charlotte Venetia  a sister for Emilia.
Imogen Beatrice Ruth  a sister for Sebastian.
Poppy Jane Mary
Araminta Tyger Grace
Caroline Matilda Cathryn  a sister for Edward.
Orlando Alexander  a brother for Harry, Katie and Tom.
Laetitia Elizabeth Ann  a sister for Harry.
Emilia Alice  a sister for George.
Xanthe Venetia Rose  a sister for Milo and Violet.

They just keep getting better...


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Notable Names of the Irish Times: Oct. 3, 2009

Hazel Maeve
Freya Rosalind Antonia a sister for Madeleine and a cousin for Genevieve and Zane.
Isabella Daisy Mabel a sister for Emily and Ben.
Isabella Carmel a sister for Zac and Finn.
Camille Ita a sister for Elizabeth.
Oscar Williem
Iseult Estelle


Notable Names of the Telegraph: Sep.28-Oct.04

Miranda Constance a sister for Hector and Caspar.
Georgia Emily Alexandra
Ellis William Michael  a brother for Fraser.
Martha Lucy Lettice  a sister for Lily and Dulcie.
Finnegan Peter Shigeru  a brother for Max.
Sylvie Philippa  a sister for Stella and Theo.
Pippa Elisabeth  a sister for Ella and Christie.
Fergus Grey
Toby Frederick
Alice Marguerite Astley  a sister for Sophie.
Coco Grace
Griffin Patrick Spark  a brother for Gilbert.
Digby Arthur Wilfred  a brother for Herbie, Harry and Max.
Oscar Mark Samuel  a brother for Frederick and Annabelle.
Anastasia Christina a sister for Henry.
Beatrice Mary  a sister for Phoebe, Archie and Sam.
Eleanor May
Lottie Olive
Phoebe Joanna  a sister for Freya and Grace.
Maximillian Charles Huntley
Lettice Elizabeth
Theo Anthony & Henry Charles  brothers for Ellen.
Felix Lysander  a brother for Cecily.
Julliet Clare
Rufus Hector Round  a brother for Wilf.
Montgomery William

There were a ton of very interesting names this week. 

I'm quite shocked.  Lettice is gaining popularity in Great Britain that it could never gain here in the US--though it is a beautiful name. 


Blooming Babies: E is for Erigeron

Life is the flower for which love is the honey.

Echoecho roseunisex
Eglantinesweetbriar rosefemale
Elinaelina rosefemale
Ellisianaellisiana water lilyfemale
Emeraemera blanc rosefemale
Ephémérinevirginia spiderwortfemale
Epineblack thornmale
Eremurusfoxtail lilymale
Erigerondaisy fleabanemale
Euchariseucharis lilymale