Sunday, October 11, 2009

Notable Names of the Telegraph: Oct.5-11

Rufus William David  a brother for Herbie.
Charles Douglas Allenby  a brother for Amelia.
Georgina Grace  a sister for Annabel.
Piper Lily  a sister for Molly.
Rosie Grace Louisa  a sister for Thomas and Poppy.
Elise Anthea Mary
Orla Daisy  a sister for Elsa Rosie May.
Hector Alexander Brisbane
Oliver Stanley Rupert  a brother for Amelia.
Annabel Evelyn Mary  a sister for Kitty.
Charlotte Venetia  a sister for Emilia.
Imogen Beatrice Ruth  a sister for Sebastian.
Poppy Jane Mary
Araminta Tyger Grace
Caroline Matilda Cathryn  a sister for Edward.
Orlando Alexander  a brother for Harry, Katie and Tom.
Laetitia Elizabeth Ann  a sister for Harry.
Emilia Alice  a sister for George.
Xanthe Venetia Rose  a sister for Milo and Violet.

They just keep getting better...


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