Sunday, October 4, 2009

Notable Names of the Telegraph: Sep.28-Oct.04

Miranda Constance a sister for Hector and Caspar.
Georgia Emily Alexandra
Ellis William Michael  a brother for Fraser.
Martha Lucy Lettice  a sister for Lily and Dulcie.
Finnegan Peter Shigeru  a brother for Max.
Sylvie Philippa  a sister for Stella and Theo.
Pippa Elisabeth  a sister for Ella and Christie.
Fergus Grey
Toby Frederick
Alice Marguerite Astley  a sister for Sophie.
Coco Grace
Griffin Patrick Spark  a brother for Gilbert.
Digby Arthur Wilfred  a brother for Herbie, Harry and Max.
Oscar Mark Samuel  a brother for Frederick and Annabelle.
Anastasia Christina a sister for Henry.
Beatrice Mary  a sister for Phoebe, Archie and Sam.
Eleanor May
Lottie Olive
Phoebe Joanna  a sister for Freya and Grace.
Maximillian Charles Huntley
Lettice Elizabeth
Theo Anthony & Henry Charles  brothers for Ellen.
Felix Lysander  a brother for Cecily.
Julliet Clare
Rufus Hector Round  a brother for Wilf.
Montgomery William

There were a ton of very interesting names this week. 

I'm quite shocked.  Lettice is gaining popularity in Great Britain that it could never gain here in the US--though it is a beautiful name. 


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