Sunday, October 18, 2009

Notable Names of the Telegraph: Oct.12-18

Audrey Camilla Hester
Rose Margaret Jacqueline, a sister for Charlie and Lucinda.
Scarlett Lydia Louise
Eve Nancy
Charlie Robert Kensington
Rufus Alexander Kirkland
Fergus Arthur Albert, a brother for Fenella.
Henrietta Poppy Horton
Rose Viola Romilly
Sophie Emmeline Maclean
Theodore James Le Marchant, a brother for Alexander.
Hugo Ian, a brother for Henry.
Isabella Dorothy
Isabella Fleur
Gabriel William Merlin
Edward Mellors, a brother for Ollie.
Emily Daisy Alice, a sister for Martha.
Astrid Jennifer
Isla Violet
Oliver Edward Purcell
Samuel Oliver Felix, a brother for Daisy.
Emily Grace Fairles
Elodie Rose
The trend of the week is...[drumroll]... Surnames! 
Surnames are the names to have.  Want to present the dear little one with a classicbutquirky family name?  Now is your chance, dollies and erm ... action figurinies!
Also, I do feel horrible for Henrietta Poppy Horton.  She has a truly lovely name, but I can't help but think that she's named after an elephant.


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