Sunday, September 27, 2009

Notable Names of the Telegraph: Sep. 21-27

Lottie Pamela a sister for Phoebe
Oliver Michael Law
Leonard John Montagu
Laszlo Thaddeus Tobias a brother for Magnus and Ambrose
Zachary Thomas Moubray a brother for Orlando
Marina Lily Mimi a sister for Zachary and Harry
Archie William Pieter
Tekla Luciana Oppenheim
Archibald George Gilroy
Matilda Daisy Shann
Frederick Rafe George
Frederick Valentine a brother for George, Florence and Plum
Alfred Victor Christopher
Elly Lucy a sister for Clemmie, Tom and Rosie
Maud Elizabeth & Olive Hope
Georgie Grace

Gorgeous names, don't you agree?


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