Sunday, September 20, 2009

Notable Names of the Telegraph: Sep. 14-20

This week was an amazing week for ClassicButQuirky baby names in Telegraph.

Atticus Jon
Elsa Grace
Sophie Joy Coyney  a sister for Lucy.
Honor Annabel Matilda a sister for Sam.
Dulcie Arabella  a sister for Enid Constance.
Maximus Grey Toon  a brother for Phoebe.
Percival Harry a brother for Fleur.
Hugh Alexander  a brother for Catriona and Ben.
Alanna Marie Gillian
Maribel Diana Phipps
Sebastian Lewis Patrick a brother for Kira and Rose.
Sasha Renée Elisabeth
Poppy Margaret Valenda a sister for Monty.
Darcey Mae a sister for Brooke and always remembering Jack.
Imogen Margaret Rose
Barnaby James
Otto George & Will Ralph  brothers for Kit and half-brothers to Dominic and Lucy.
Agnes May
Florence Rose  a sister for Frederick and Oscar.
Hugo John


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