Monday, September 21, 2009

Haute Hippie: Girlie-Girls

I'm thinking it's time for a bit more fun.  Quirky names paired with a few quirky classics (and some not so classic).

These are 'Haute Hippie' name ideas for the little free-spirit entering into your life.

Delilah May
Chelsea Fern
Esmerelda Jane
Harmony Alice
Clairee Vanille
Greta Marie-Soleil
Summer Clementine
Violet Melody
Olive Valentine
Ophelia Plum
Celestine Blue
Lavender Casey
Ramona Quinn
Serena Leigh
Tallulah Eve
Autumn Pearl
Kelsey Dawn
Allegra Estelle
Eleanor Tuesday
Hollie Anastasia
Petunia Joy
Octavia Delphine
Augusta Violet

and la piece de resistance....

Jellydust Sparklebeam!


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